Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Toast Bread (super soft)

After making bread successfully for the first time, I actually broke my hand mixer. BUT, that gave me an excuse to buy a stand mixer. YAY FOR ME! My family and I eat white bread quite often and it is healthier to make bread at home.

270g bread flour
30g sugar
4g salt
1 egg
90g flour paste (tangzhong)
60g milk
5g yeast
30g butter (softened)

Preparation: Don't forget to make the tangzhong beforehand and cool down to room temperature. Click here for the tangzhong recipe.
  1. Put all of the bread ingredients, except butter into the mixing bowl. Make sure that the yeast doesn't directly touch the salt.
  2. When everything is nearly incorporated, add the butter.
  3. Knead the dough until it becomes elastic and smooth. The dough is ready when you can stretch the dough to a thin membrane.
  4. Grease a bowl with some oil, put the bread dough inside. Cover with some cling wrap and proof the dough until double in size. I like to place the bread dough into the microwave with a cup of hot water. To check that the dough is ready of not, insert your floured finger into the middle of the bread dough, if the hole stays there then it is ready.
  5. Push the air out of the bread dough. Divide into three equal portions and shape into three round balls. Cover the bread dough with cling wrap and allow the dough to rest for 15 minutes.
  6. Shape the three bread doughs with the seal on top, roll the bread dough. Place in the loaf tin with the seal facing down. Proof again until double in size or until it reaches 80% of the height of the loaf tin.
  7. Brush some milk or egg. Bake in a pre - heated oven at 170C for 30 minutes. Transfer onto a wire rack to let cool.

Enjoy the delicious and soft bread.



  1. I chanced upon your YouTube video for this soft bread and since then I am hooked. Watched every one of your videos! I am an avid baker of cakes and pastry but I have never succeeded in making bread. It's always hard and dense and has a strong yeasty smell. I just tried your recipe and it worked!!! Soft buns! I cannot thank you enough! One question though, your recipe calls for only 60g of milk as liquids but it was not enough cos my dough was still v dry and floury. In the end I added almost 30g more of milk. Also I had to knead it in my kitchen aid mixer for almost 10 min before it became even close to as elastic as you showed in the video. Thought I messed up. Anyway, still want to thank you for helping me bake my first successful loaf!! keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much for using my recipe!!! :) It does take time to knead with your stand mixer. It takes a while for mine too. I am glad it turned out well for you. I hope you will continue to use the tangzhong method!! :) Well 60g milk worked for me... I don't know why you needed 30g extra. But doesn't matter!!! It could be the humidity... ha ha ha

    2. Hi, 60g of tangzhong with 3/4 of 1 grade A egg n 30g butter is definately enough liquid. I suggest u measure your wet n dry ingredients accurately. Its better to get a wetter dough than a dryer dough.

    3. Sorry, is 90g of tangzhong, 60g milk, 3/4 of 1 grade A egg n 30g butter is deffinately enough liquid.

  2. Maybe, but Singapore is slot more humid than hk! Anyway, doesn't matter, recipe worked! Btw, any thoughts on how to make a whole wheat version? My parents are health conscious. Could I substitute around 25% of the bread flour for whole wheat flour? Any other adjustments needed? Would really appreciate your advice!

  3. I found your videos on U Tube. I have started to make bread with tangzhong and it works great for me. I never thought bread could be this soft and fluffy. Please continue to make videos and especially ones with breads using tangzhong. I live in USA in west central Georgia. I also love to hear about how people from all over the world have similar passions for baking bread. If not for the videos and your site, I would not know about tangzhong. By the way, I have to knead my bread longer than the 10 minutes . It takes at least 20 minutes for mine to pass the windowpane test.
    Thank you again and keep making the videos.

    1. Thank you for using my recipe!!! I found tangzhong working great for me because I cannot finish all the bread in one day and it stays very soft for a few days. You can warm the bread in the microwave for a few seconds to make it softer to eat too. hehe... I just love to bake very much, especially in HK where everywhere is people... so I prefer to stay home. Once you have aced the white toast bread, you can use it for other breads. :D

  4. What kind of mixer is your new mixer. I like the action of the dough hook.
    What is the name and model number.

    1. My stand mixer is BOSCH MUM86. There aren't many KitchenAids in Hong Kong so I chose BOSCH instead. I love the stand mixer very very much. And it can make 2 - 3 loaves of bread at the same time and the mixer doesn't wobble at all. I think it is better than the KitchenAid... but this is only my opinion.

    2. I have the new Bosch Universal Plus 800 watt mixer and I love it so far. It has suction cups on the bottom so it can't walk around. And it can make dough for up to 9 loaves of bread at one time. I made a pound cake in it today and it was awesome. It mixed everything so easily. I just got it about 3 weeks ago.
      But the dough hook doesn't have the same rotating action that yours does. That's why I wanted to know what kind of mixer you had.
      Thank you so much for your response to my question. And I love your videos. Make more soon.

    3. Sorry to reply so late. Yes, I love my mixer very very very much!! I love those suction cups at the bottom so the mixer doesn't walk around haha..

  5. Hi would like to know if I omit the egg ,do I need to add extra milk or stil remain as 60 gram for the milk? Thank you :)

    1. Yes, if you omit the egg you will need to add extra milk. I made this loaf today (about the third time I've made it) and I decided to try it without egg. Before I added some extra milk it was too dry -- it wasn't coming together at all. I'm not sure how much extra I added, as I just did it by eye but a good starting place would be 60 grams extra, as that is the average weight of a large egg.

      Hi DessertzHouse, thank you so much for your blog and continuing to post recipes and videos! Every time I watch your videos or browse your recipes I just feel like "oh, I want to bake something!". Thank you!!

    2. Thanks for using my recipes and I am glad that my recipes can encourage you to bake!! :D

  6. Hi. I also chance upon your video on bread making and became hooked to your other videos. And I'm addicted to using tangzhong method I even tried it in pizza dough and coffee buns. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful bread making technique. I've never knew I can bake bread as good and importantly successful as you.

  7. Hi, can I know the exact measurement for tangzhong paste? I am a noob here.