Monday, October 22, 2012

Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

I love macarons and they are so pretty to look at! They always impress my friends and they are so fun to make. This recipe has been requested by many many of you... so here it is! The recipe is very detailed and please read carefully. I strongly suggest that you should do some research, read more recipes before making it. That's what I did! :)

I am still learning and practising in making the macarons! :) It takes practice and research. I made many macarons that cracked on the surface and ones that did not have the foot...

Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache
(makes 24 3cm macarons)

Ingredients - Chocolate Ganache:

75g whipping cream
75g dark chocolate
15g butter (room temperature)

  1. Heat the whipping cream until it just starts to boil. Remove from the heat.
  2. Pour the hot whipping cream into the dark chocolate. Make sure that the chocolate are all covered with the hot whipping cream. Set aside for a few minutes. The heat will slowly melt the chocolate.
  3. Add the butter. Mix until it becomes smooth. Set aside until it thickens and becomes spreadable. Sometimes, I put it into the fridge so it can thicken.
Ingredients - Macaron Shells:
2 egg whites
24g caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
120g icing sugar (pure)
60g ground almond
10g cocoa powder

Preparation: Prepare two piping bags. I used a 1 cm tip for piping the macaron batter and 0.5cm for piping the chocolate ganache. Prepare a baking tray lined with the macaron template and silicon sheet. I didn't use any expensive silicon mat, I just used a reusable silicon sheet and it was only HKD$30. heh... I found the macaron template from the internet.
  1. Sift the almond powder. Throw away any almond powder that did not go through the sieve. Sift the cocoa powder and icing sugar. Mix together. Set aside. 
  2. Beat the eggs until it becomes foamy. Add the sugar and cream of tartar. Beat until stiff peaks form. You should see a clear pattern in the meringue and it should also be glossy. The meringue is just ready when the meringue doesn't fall out of the bowl when you tilt the bowl upside down.
  3. Sift the dry ingredients into the meringue. Now it is the most important part: MACARONAGE! Fold the dry ingredients into the meringue until it is glossy and it has a magma like flow. As you fold, the spatula should stay close to the bowl and you should turn the bowl each time you fold. Also, the bowl stays on your working bench. As you fold, the mixture will become 'watery' again because you are compressing the air bubbles. The mixture is ready when the mixture spreads out. When you take a small part of the batter, it would disappear into the remaining mixture. It takes around 10 seconds for the batter to join with the rest of the batter. Please refer to the video for this part. Beware! Folding too much will cause you to have flat macarons. If you don't fold enough, the macarons will be too puffed up and the macaron shells won't be shiny. It is easy to see whether you have folded enough or not because the mixture won't spread out and if you do the test, the batter won't join with the rest.
  4. Place the mixture into the piping bag that you have already prepared. Pipe out the batter. Make sure that the tip is close to the silicon sheet and swiftly lift up the piping bag after you each one to stop the batter from coming out. Don't worry! The tip on top of your macarons will flatten, they won't look like Hershey's Kisses. Drop the baking tray 2 - 3 times to release the trapped air bubbles. 
  5. Let the cookies rest and dry for around 30 minutes. The time can vary depending on the humidity. Sometimes I let them dry for 40 minutes... it all depends on the weather. It is Autumn right now in Hong Kong and low humidity sure helps. NEVER BAKE MACARONS ON A RAINY DAY! This step is important to create the foot of the macarons. The macarons need to dry to form a skin on the top. When you bake the macarons, the skin stops the air bubbles from escaping through the top and forces it to escape through the sides. Hence, the foot is actually created by the air bubbles! If you don't let them dry, the surface of the macarons will crack. They are dry when they are firm to touch and they don't stick onto your fingers at all. You can even gently glide your fingers on the macarons too.
  6. Bake at 170 degrees celcius for 10 - 12 minutes. At around 3 minutes, the foot of my macarons appeared! YAY! Once they shells are cooked, remove the baking tray to prevent further cooking. Let cool for a few minutes before removing the shells.
  7. Remove the shells from the baking sheet. If they are cooked properly, the shells will come off very easily. Overcooking them will make the the shells too crunchy. Undercooking them will make the shells stick to the baking sheet.Match up the equally sized macaron shells.
  8. Pipe the filling and sandwich them together. Done! :)
In my opinion, don't eat them straight away. But that doesn't mean, you cannot try them! The macarons taste best after they are stored in the fridge for a day! The filling of the macarons will make the macaron shells cripsy on the outside and tender inside.

WOOHOO!! I succeeded! ^_^
And here is the video...



  1. So yummy~ You are so professional now Kitty! So glad you are getting more recognition la~ These look great wor! Yummy~ ^___^''

  2. Wow, thanks!! Hope you make these soon!!!

  3. can you give some advice if i could not finish the mixture in one tray? let's say i have 2 trays and already rest for 30 minutes, can i put that 2 trays into the oven at the same time?
    1.I have tried to put 2 trays at the same time, the one on the top in the oven got the foot but not the one on the bottom.
    2.I also tried to put one at the time, the first one got the foot, but once i put the second tray in the oven, still does not have the foot (maybe it was resting too long? )
    do you have any advice for me?
    thanks in advance

    1. you can put the two trays in together. :D I usually just let my second tray sit actually

  4. Hi kitty when i shift the almond meal, i have some that isnt fine enough.should i throw it? And add to match the total grams?

    1. You can just throw them away if it's not a lot and no need to add to match. :D

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